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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Book Club Scribing, Day 2 (May 3)

Catcher in the Rye: Scribe
Focus: Rebellion
Opening activity: We watched a scene from Stick it relating it to Holden's rebellion.

Why does Holden feel sad every time he receives a present?
-Maybe he feels like he doesn't deserve it.
-His parents are buying his affection
-He feels guilty
Holden feels guilty a lot of the time, why?
-He feels guilty about not caring.
-he disguises it though.
-He's a typical guy but now normal.
Since Holden is kind of reserved, why did he yell "sleep tight you morons"
-It was like his catharsis
-He was saying goodbye
-He liked how people would react
-It was completely spontaneous seeing all the doors close like life is hard and you have to open your own doors.
Is it a guy thing to be in the mood?
-Yes for him, he is lazy because he finds thing unessasary.
The author uses several words over and over like crumby and way.
-It represents the repetitive of his life.
-He just doesn't want to try. He doesn't feel his needs to be smart.
-He knows that he is destined to be something greater than this average life.

A Farewell to Arms
We started out watching a Spiderman clip and connecting it to our book, A Farewell to Arms. He must balance his love and his duties. This connects to our book because Henry must balance war and love.
Is Henry really in love with Catherine?
He is infatuated with Miss Gage too
They always fight about if they do, so because of this are they
It is emotion that he does not know what to do with so he calls it love
T is interesting that Henry is not spiritual at all and yet says that God knows
Why does Catherine keep asking him if he loves her?
She is trying to find approval of herself
She is a person who feeds off of others, and she needs to hear other’s approval to respect herself
She doesn’t love him- she wants someone there s she can be chased and wanted
Every time she leaves, Henry wants to see her more, why?
Why does Henry feel he has to lie? What does this say about the relationship?
He is scared to reveal details about himself because that means he must put his guard down, and the relationship and therefore the war would then become real
Connects to Gatsby- ignorance is bliss
Henry feels like if he doesn’t lie, she will know things that he has not revealed
what has happened in his past. Always writes about what happens and there is no judgment or opinion about it- all conversations seem so superficial
Important because he is an American in the Italian war, what is the real reason why?
He hates it so why?
He does not reveal any emotions at all or his opinions why!
He may join the Italian army because he doesn’t have to be forced to connect with anyone due to the society of war.
He doesn’t get any attachment to anyone, is this because he lost someone in his past?
He does not allow himself to want anything because he is afraid of failure and ultimately open himself up.
Connect to Gatsby- seems to be like the common citizen- won’t get too close to anyone but likes to be around people.
Why does he let Catherine in?
Does he? He wants to find out what love is and she wants someone there so they are both using each other and calling it love.
Why are they always drinking?
The nurse who drinks with him (Miss Gage) wants to be like Catherine and therefore wants Henry
What is the significance of three doctors?
Why was their prediction six months and the other the next day?
One is drunk- what does this say about the expectations of the doctors and medication in general.
What does it mean that he was cleaned “inside and outside” by one of the doctors?
Maybe he was just sober for once.