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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Book Clubs, Day 4 (May 8)

Tortilla Curtain Scribe

Opening activity: categorize, stereotypes

White: ignorant, fat, tie, overalls, rude, educated, rich, body piercing
Hispanic: lazy, tattoo, dirty, passive, pretty, criminal

America Naïve, like the character. When the reality of the world comes to their doorstep they feel
uncomfortable. Author slowly deconstructs stereotypes, starts by fitting in with stereotypes, and
slowly changes them. Racism in and of itself not bad, dehumanization bad.
Hard to assimilate without
speaking English. Conflict is partially cultural. Delaney slowly progressing. Cars represent separation.
Food tightly wrapped also symbolizes cold separation. The whites try to promote isolation between
the two groups. They are unwilling to face anything beyond routine.

Catcher in the Rye Scribe
(watch part of Stick It)
Holden and the movie comparrison- he is rebelious and doesn't care what others think and the goirl in the movie is the same way and she has a bad attitude
He has a lazy attitude in life and his excuses are valid though,
He would have to do the things he complains about

Is Holden trying to make a point?
I don't need to go to school to be content with myslef
Can't find the point in the book... what is her searching for in his life?
Searching for himself and what he truly is

Experience with the hooker...why didn't he take advantage of her?
His color was yellow... for not stopping her or another reason?
He wanted comapany so bad that it didn't matter who it was even if it was a hooker
Did things to make it sound better

Giving the money to the nuns parallels to the hooker and yet he regrets the amount he gave (wanted to give more than what he did)

Even if you want revenge, you should have feelings about doing things
Start ignoring things

Why does Holden keep chaning his mind about people?
When he is with them he notices more about them and once he is not around them he sees what he was missing in his judgment
Regrets not treating them better
He sees everything he knows that he isn't; he sees in the other people
The piano guy- not emotional enough

How is it significant that Holden is thinking more about the nnuns than the other woman?
She represents the other end of the scale and he wants to model himself after what he is not and wants to be a better person
he sees that they know who they are and their purpose in life; they are all together

Does he really want to change?
He doesn't like it then why doesn't he do something about it
Wants to but doesn't know what to do
He is so tired of his lifestyle and doesn't care anymore about it

Closing = watch more of Stick It

A Farewell to Arms Book Club
Tuesday May 8th

We started out by listening to Eagle Eye Cherry’s “Save Tonight” and made connections between the lyrics and the book.
Henry’s last night with Catherine before he went back to war
Henry drinks to “delay” his “misery

Henry didn’t purposely want to jaundice it but he was drinking because he didn’t want to go back
Is Catherine really pregnant? She could just be saying it but she doesn’t want to get married or for him to worry
Why aren’t Henry and Catherine allowed to be together?
Why is the color yellow brought up so much? Why is the cathedral white? –pg 150
The colors are always brought up when Henry and Catherine are together. The colors show their emotions.
White- purity, perfection, new beginnings, Yellow- cowardice
Can Henry and Catherine stay together? We don’t know any of his emotions, so we can’t know. Catherine will be more hurt because she has the baby. If he dies the baby could remind her of him everyday, but if they just don’t get back together she will be reminded of him everyday.
Henry doesn’t know what he really wants. He wants to be strong by going into the war but he’s afraid. He went to war with the Italians because he was in Italy and they needed men. He’s not on his own journey; he’s just following the crowd into war. The medals the men win are unimportant and don’t really mean anything.
Both Henry and Catherine are very lonely, so they find happiness when they are together.
What was the point of the random poem on pg 154
“But at my back I always hear
Time’s winged chariot hurrying near”
He might be trying to influence Catherine about something.
She told him about the baby but not to worry because she is confused and becoming her own person. Henry doesn’t want anything, so Catherine is subtly taking charge.

Catcher in the Rye Scribing
Basic Reactions to opening clip:

Holden and Haley both stop being tough when their pain becomes unbearable, both have started to let down their shields and admit that they do care.

Question Reactions:

What does, “when a body catch a body coming through the rye” mean when the little boy sang it? Does it have a purpose?

He depends on the museum to avoid change. His life is becoming progressively worse, and so he thinks if he could stop things they wouldn’t get any worse.

What are your reactions of Holden when you learned he was a virgin?
He seems more scared.
He is a huge people pleaser.

What is Sunny’s point?
It accentuates Holden’s loneliness and utter desperation.
He didn’t call the prostitute because he wanted sex, he just was apathetic and she was there.

Holden has started blaming himself for his life. When anything good happens, he feels undeserving.

What is the significance of the nicely portrayed nuns? How does it contrast with his religious views?

You can’t judge anyone, regaurdless.

Holden is afraid to invest in failing relationships.

What was up with the suitcases?

He doesn’t want to feel superior at all.

What is the significance of the stolen gloves?
He wants what is his, but he doesn’t want confrontation.

He feels so bad about cowards in general.

What caused his sudden emotional breakdown?

He is terribly lonely.
He is alone no matter who he is with.

Scribe for May 8, 2007
Hi Ms. Kakos!

The Bell Jar Chapters 10-13

Emily distributed the Starbucks drinks. Ms Kakos remarked that she was disappointed Emily did not bring her a drink. Emily proposed a compromise in the future.
*Spencer stole Dan’s drink*

Jess: Is Esther crazy?
Dan, Emily and Jess: Yes!
*Spencer steals Dan’s drink*

Emily: Emily believes that the bell jar has a warped glass that makes the readers view Esther differently than she really is.

Dan: I disagree.

A heated discussion incurred, with Dan, Jessica and Emily presenting different sides of whether or not she is crazy. Dan thinks that Esther has been molded by her society; Jess thinks that society has not influenced her, and Emily listened to her fellow classmates’ argument. Emily remarked that in the later chapters, it seems that Esther rebels against society.
*Spencer steals Dan’s drink and says that Esther kills herself*

Emily: It seems that Sylvia Plath was not insane when she wrote the book. The only way that Esther would appear to be crazy was if the author also realized that she was crazy.
*Dan throws bits of Starbucks cup holders at Emily while she is typing*

Jess and Dan: Esther is a canary.

Emily: (thinking) Maybe I should join another group…

Jess: Emily is mean .

Dan: I am so cool.

Jess and Em: Not really.

Book Club Scribes, Day 3 (May 4)

Friday May 4th 2007
Catcher in the Rye
Chapters 11 and 12

Holden must feel really empty, he is trying to hard to fit in with his own perception of himself
Why is Holden attracted to Jane?
She seems real and down to earth. She isn’t fake.
He can relate to her.
At the beginning of chapter 11 Holden talks about his sister and then at the end he is discussing the 3 women in his life are his comparisons of all the women in his life fair?
Jane and Phoebe are the only women he truly has respect for.
After Holden talks to Lillian, why does he leave the club?
He felt that she only wanted to talk to Holden to hear about his brother.
She didn’t care, and that is what Holden needed the most
Holden tries to be neutral with everyone; he can say something horrible about a person but then always neutralizes it with something nice?
Why does Holden move around a lot, whether it is in narration or physical
Jane is the first person he has been the first person he can connect with
If Holden moves around a lot, he may figure that there is no one else to miss him
Why did Holden say he would choose to play his piano in the closet?
He thinks it may make life even more miserable
He takes no credit and takes no blame
Holden likes to stand out and be different
He want to form is own opinion and not go along with the masses
Would you be a celebrity if you had the chance?
In the same way, how do you think about Holden’s brothers choice of life?
Pg. 87 Holden says , “I’m always saying ‘Glad to’ve met you’ to somebody I’m not glad at all I met” How does this reflect his character?
It is ironic how he hates people who are fake and thinks it is phony, but that he still does it anyway.
Describe the ducks and the fish in Holden’s pond. What could they represent? Is Holden a duck or a fish?

Tortilla Curtain: Ch.7-8 Syllabus

Opening Activity: “Such Great Heights” by Postal Service
· How does Boyle present the American dream in Chapter 8, and what are his views and opinions of that dream based on how he portrays it?
o American dream is to be so high up that other people are jealous
o All four are humans with ups and downs in their life
· Why at the beginning of the chapter does the author use the word “haunting” to describe the relationship between whites and Mexicans?
o The Mexicans are running from the whites. It is a haunting relationship because they never really have any personal contact.
· How does the supermarket scene portray the Hispanic dream of success in America? What does the dream entail?
o You have to, often times, work hard once you get here and it is survival of the fittest. Once your goal is achieved it feels good.
· What is the significance of the age difference between America and Candido?
o Youth symbolizes Naivety.
o People hate her (America) for no reason. She didn’t want to make them mad.
o She represents innocence as well.
· How does Candido fit in with the stereotype of a normal Mexican man? How does he not fit in?
o Stereotypes say drunk and poor, which he is. But he also cares a lot for America
· When it starts to look like the have hope, why does the author choose to tell the story from America’s point of view?
o America represents hope. Writing from her point of view it shows that the hope is there and that there is hope for her and Candido.
o America’s point of view is a lot more sympathetic than Candido’s.
· Is there significance that the statues America is paid to clean are Buddha?
o Give a foreign feeling into the book?
· What is the significance of the fact that the man who rapes America is both Hispanic and white?
o What side of him spurs him to commit the crime?
· What is the symbolism about the lizard shooting blood out of its eyes for defense?
o It symbolizes the Mexican people who commit crimes but in committing them, simply feed the fire of hate against Mexico. “Gravy for the predator.”
· What different things seem to suppress or set back the American dream in the chapter, and what are the costs of striving for that dream?
o People in general
· What is your definition of success?
o Power
o Reaching your goal
o Content with where you are

Bell Jar Scribe

After eating two cookies, Dan stole a third and tried to eat it. Jessica and Emily enforced strong opposition and his rebellion was crushed.
Discussing Chapter 6
Dan: Esther seems indifferent to life
Jess: Disagrees. She isn’t understanding Esther’s intentions.
Dan: Esther doesn’t understand what “sex” really is. She sees birth and death, but she has no interest in Buddy when he tries to seduce her.
Emily: Esther is slowly disintegrating; as she sees the wonders in life, her own life seems to be falling apart.
Jess: Emily and Dan are so psychotic.
Emily: Esther seems to be repressing all of her natural instincts and desires (like Freud.) Rather than maintaining equilibrium, she has overreacted, and her subconscious thoughts surface and push her toward insanity.
Dan: Disagrees. He thinks that Esther is influenced by fear and society. She is afraid to have sex with Buddy because she is afraid of sex.
Dan: I win. (he is confused).
Emily: Esther sees what society wants her to be, but she doesn’t want to be like that. She is afraid to be who she really wants to become, and she represses her own desires, thoughts and wishes. Because she is repressing her “soul” to such a great extent, she is unable to be herself, nor can she be what society wants her to be.
Dan: She sees life and considers it torture.
Jess: She idolizes who she wants to be, but she doesn’t know exactly what that is.
General consensus: We aren’t quite sure what the main point to the book is yet—we just have glimpses and bits.

Catcher in the Rye Scribe
What makes you feel awkward? How does it pertain to catcher?
- Jen: guys talking about what goes on in their minds (sex, sex, sex)
o Thinks we SHOULD be comfy talking about it, but we aren’t
- Kyle: girls discussing feminine problems in front of him
o Disgusting, don’t want to hear about these types of things
o Catcher: he discusses things that people often don’t want to hear

Who determines what is normal and what is not?.....

How Holden’s affection for his sister contrasts his view of other people in the book?
- Jen: his sister is one of the only people who actually believes in him
- Kyle: sister looks up to him, Holden craves to be an idol for her

- way to fool people, makes him feel more mature
- makes Holden himself a phony b/c he is trying to be someone he is not
- drink away his troubles

What is Salinger trying to say about adult life?
- People are filling their lives with emptiness
- Same with Holden, but he knows this, he recognizes his loneliness every chapter
- Holden is not improving himself

Catcher in the Rye Scribe
Discussion Questions:

Why did Holden tell Jane about Allie but not anyone else, what kind of a connection do they share?
They had an 'intimate' relationship, beyond physical
Why does Jane resist Holden kissing her mouth while she lets him kiss her entire face?
She wants the relationship to stay where it is, she is satisfied without them being physically intimate
Why does Holden never tell her his true feelings for her?
Because he's a boy
Not enough courage
Embarrassed because they aren't on the same level (like in Spiderman and Gatsby)
Because he's 'yellow'
His moods are an excuse
Why does he harshly judge people while still trying to hang out with them? (for example, the cab driver)
He's lonely
Searching for another Jane (like in Gastby)
"If I were a piano player, I'd play in the goddamn closet" (84 Salinger). Why does he bring people down to bring himself up?
Still searching, for someone who can provide conversation
Is he jealous?

Book Club Scribing, Day 2 (May 3)

Catcher in the Rye: Scribe
Focus: Rebellion
Opening activity: We watched a scene from Stick it relating it to Holden's rebellion.

Why does Holden feel sad every time he receives a present?
-Maybe he feels like he doesn't deserve it.
-His parents are buying his affection
-He feels guilty
Holden feels guilty a lot of the time, why?
-He feels guilty about not caring.
-he disguises it though.
-He's a typical guy but now normal.
Since Holden is kind of reserved, why did he yell "sleep tight you morons"
-It was like his catharsis
-He was saying goodbye
-He liked how people would react
-It was completely spontaneous seeing all the doors close like life is hard and you have to open your own doors.
Is it a guy thing to be in the mood?
-Yes for him, he is lazy because he finds thing unessasary.
The author uses several words over and over like crumby and way.
-It represents the repetitive of his life.
-He just doesn't want to try. He doesn't feel his needs to be smart.
-He knows that he is destined to be something greater than this average life.

A Farewell to Arms
We started out watching a Spiderman clip and connecting it to our book, A Farewell to Arms. He must balance his love and his duties. This connects to our book because Henry must balance war and love.
Is Henry really in love with Catherine?
He is infatuated with Miss Gage too
They always fight about if they do, so because of this are they
It is emotion that he does not know what to do with so he calls it love
T is interesting that Henry is not spiritual at all and yet says that God knows
Why does Catherine keep asking him if he loves her?
She is trying to find approval of herself
She is a person who feeds off of others, and she needs to hear other’s approval to respect herself
She doesn’t love him- she wants someone there s she can be chased and wanted
Every time she leaves, Henry wants to see her more, why?
Why does Henry feel he has to lie? What does this say about the relationship?
He is scared to reveal details about himself because that means he must put his guard down, and the relationship and therefore the war would then become real
Connects to Gatsby- ignorance is bliss
Henry feels like if he doesn’t lie, she will know things that he has not revealed
what has happened in his past. Always writes about what happens and there is no judgment or opinion about it- all conversations seem so superficial
Important because he is an American in the Italian war, what is the real reason why?
He hates it so why?
He does not reveal any emotions at all or his opinions why!
He may join the Italian army because he doesn’t have to be forced to connect with anyone due to the society of war.
He doesn’t get any attachment to anyone, is this because he lost someone in his past?
He does not allow himself to want anything because he is afraid of failure and ultimately open himself up.
Connect to Gatsby- seems to be like the common citizen- won’t get too close to anyone but likes to be around people.
Why does he let Catherine in?
Does he? He wants to find out what love is and she wants someone there so they are both using each other and calling it love.
Why are they always drinking?
The nurse who drinks with him (Miss Gage) wants to be like Catherine and therefore wants Henry
What is the significance of three doctors?
Why was their prediction six months and the other the next day?
One is drunk- what does this say about the expectations of the doctors and medication in general.
What does it mean that he was cleaned “inside and outside” by one of the doctors?
Maybe he was just sober for once.

Book Club Scripts: Day 1 (May 1)

The Bell Jar Syllabus
Pages 1-28 (Chapter 4)

(Notes on Author’s life)

Dictionary.com defines a Bell Jar as:
Bell jar n. A cylindrical glass vessel with a rounded top and an open base, used to protect and display fragile objects or to establish a vacuum or a controlled atmosphere in scientific experiments.
How does this definition fit with the first four chapters of the book and the main character?
Can we relate this definition to the author at all?

What are your overall opinions of the book so far?

Song Lyrics!


How is “Elly” stuck in a bell jar or connected to a bell jar?
* Society is looking in on her, but never really apart of it. Great Gastby
* Pessimistic book
* She had the American Dream
* Nick and Gatsby versus Doreen and Elly

Define friend in this society?
* Can we have friends in this society

First page: Rosenburgs and their significance
* The author was slightly obsessed with death
* Foreshadowed

Was she enlightened by society or has she been cut off because of it/
* She has been opened too much by it. She knows too much and she is going crazy.
* Ignorance is bliss
* Daisy wants her daughter to be a ‘fool.’

* Elly is more of a sensory person than an actual person. Though she is a main character, she is fading into the background.

o Comparable to Emily Dickenson

We also listened to “Slow Cheetah” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
We are going to annotate it and discuss it next time we meet

The Catcher in the Rye
May 1, 2007
Chapters 1-6

Main points of discussion were as follows.

What did Holden’s red hunting cap represent? What about Allie’s bright red hair?
v Collectively, it was decided that Holden valued his hat so much because it reminded him so much of Allie’s red hair. It was a way for him to hold on to his brothers memory.

Why is Holden so obsessive over small things and little details?
v Holden focuses on details and unimportant characteristics because it is small and it has little effect on him. He focuses on things that are small, because he knows the pain of loosing something very big and important (his brother, Jane, school).
v Holden finds flaws in people to keep from loving them. In Holden’s life, he looses what he loves

Is Holden a reliable narrator?
v He is reliable in that he says it like it is. Black and white.
v Then again, he always seems to try to verify himself to his audience.
v Salinger writes him as being juvenile-sounding. He sounds sincere, yet a bit aloof at times.

How does Salinger draw the audience into the book so well?
v Salinger touches on matters everyone can relate to.
v His narrator, Holden, is so sincere and true that you can’t help getting involved in his life.
v He makes the audience pity Holden, and want him to do well.

Why is Holden so cynical and jaded?
v He puts on a cynical front to deflect others. As much as he doesn’t want to get involved with others at the risk of getting hurt, he doesn’t want others to see within him.

Tortilla Curtain Scribing
Focus Question:
How does the relationship between Candido and America the character symbolize the relationship between Hispanics and the country of America?
America is the hope for Candido, the only thing he has left, and he clings to her with everything.
America is strong and independent, youthful and pregnant, symbolizing new life.
Her name is America, so she definitely symbolizes our country.
She is pretty, and the idea of coming to America is attractive to Hispanics. She keeps him alive with her hope.
What parts of society does each character represent?
Delaney: Hypocritical environmentalist. He lobbies for change but pawns off a Mexican with $20.
Kyra: symbolizes America because she provides for Delaney. She’s like a desperate housewife, appearing good but falling apart on the inside.
Candido: hopeful lower-class people with no plan, waiting for success to find him.
America: the American dream, the people who have already found success, others aspire to be her.
What are the similarities and differences between the struggles of Candido and Delaney?
Their wives are more successful than they are.
Candido tries to make his wife’s life better, and Delaney wants his life to be better through his wife.
What is the significance of Candido’s dependence on America?
He’s down and out, like other Mexicans, and she rescues him. He depends on her.
Will the relationship between Candido and America turn out?
America will abandon him or become illegal.
Why does America not regret coming north with Candido?
She loves her husband.
She’s exploiting him to get what she wants, which is to come north.
Maybe she’ll get frustrated because she has opportunity and he’s holding her back.
Does she love him? We don’t know, but we think so.
How do Candido and Delaney fear each other?
There’s a language barrier.
Delaney’s afraid of the law coming to get him. He’s also afraid that his perfect world will be tarnished by this Mexican man.
The American dream:
Success, job, family, house, escape from bad conditions… as defined by Candido.
Good environment, good family, comfy lifestyle…as defined by Delaney.
How are Delaney’s and Candido’s meeting symbolic?
America runs down Hispanics with their wealth and power, their machinery.
It’s still Candido’s fault for walking in front of the car.
They both see faults in the other one, but not in themselves.

Book group: Farewell to Arms

Ch 1-10

Opening activity:what should love look like?
-Like a cycle-never ending
-Like a cootie catcher-only the person who made it knows what’s inside-the only people who know what love is are the people who are in love.
-Like a cookie-fragile and delicate

Why did Henry tell Catherine that he loved her?
-She wanted him to say it. He wanted to make her happy.
-Did they really have love-with them and with the society?
-Why does Henry only love Catherine when she isn’t there?
Wanting something you can’t have
He seems to really love watching her, but denies actually loving her.
She knows that he doesn’t love her.
Does Catherine love him?
She uses him-just to have someone for the sake of having someone.
Why is Henry afraid to open up to people?
He describes scenery, but nothing to do with how he feels.
Trying to fill the role of a “man” in war
When he meets Catherine, she tells all about her life and her past, but he simply tells her that he has never been in love
She is so open, but also concealed.
Confused on what to do
During war you have to act on impulse, not thinking about anything…so does Henry take that approach to Catherine?
Don’t really know if the narrator is reliable
So reluctant to say anything
Doesn’t seem to have an explanation for anything
Can you make close friends during war? Does Henry have any?
Someone you can sit and talk to, but you don’t really want to since one or both of you are going to die soon anyway.
You might have a close friend at first, but if they die, you would be really reluctant to be close to anyone again, knowing the possibility of death.
How is death in war compared to death in real life?
You don’t stand out, you become just another number.
Might be why Henry decided to join the war in the first place, since he doesn’t want to stand out, just wants to blend in.

Catcher in the Rye Scribing
Focus for today: Individuality and uniqueness
The "people shooting hat" is his wall tat he hides behind. he is alienated from other people. He shoots people figuratively - he holds contempt for them.
Song: Armor for Sleep Lyrics.
In the song he is waiting for a girl.
and in the book he is finally interested in something. he shows interest.
Holden finds faults in others because he doesn't want to let anyone in. he likes being his own individualistic self.
he doesn't want to get to close to pwople. they might go away. he is callous toward people.(his brother died) He hides his emothions Were he and his brother close?
Is he a trustworthy narrator.
this book is his thoughts and its true to what he is thinking
but is his perspective on others a little skewed because of the events that he has had in his life Has Spencer played by the "rules of the game" all his life?
Probably ,and that is why he is giving Holden this advice?
Maybe he was kind of like Holden when he was younger Why does Holden have Gray Hair?
Gray indicates distance or being emotionally detached
Are his parents Rich?
What kind of relationship does he have wtih his parents.
Because he is priveledged and put in all these Prep schools he needs a way to let go of the pressure.
Does he blame his parents for his brothers death?
If his parents move him from school to school do they really care about him?

The Tortilla Curtain

Is Delaney a racist?
· He is not a racist because he is a product of his environment.
· The society that he lives in is racist and he just fits in.

Since Delaney is involved in recycling, will he be brought back to America and Candido?
· Eventually America might go to cross paths with Delaney because she is looking for a job.
· Delaney might come across Candido because he works near the recycling plant and goes there often.

Is this story really about illegal immigration or separation of the rich and poor?
· It is more about the rich and the poor of society.
· Americans separate themselves from people different from them.
· When America was walking to try and find her job location no one talked to her or attempted to help her.
· Everyone she passed on the street gave her dirty looks and she was scared that someone was going to turn her in.

Do you think that the book is foreshadowing anything?
· I think that maybe Candido might be caught or something like that.

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Chapter 9 Live Blogging


Friday, April 20, 2007

Live Blogging! Chapters 8 and 9 of Gatsby

See reminders on the post below. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Live Blogging: Chapter 8 Fishbowl

(1) Please reference by name to whom you are responding. Ex: I agree with Clay's comment about Gatsby's childlike approach to love, but I think we need to give Gatsby more credit because he is the only character in this novel who stays true to his love.

(2) Please use correct punctuation and spelling (as always).

(3) Hit the F5 key to refresh. You will need to do this continually in order to see everyone's comments.

(4) Try to find a balance between listening to the inner circle and having your own blogging discussion on the outer circle. Please don't abandon the inner circle altogether.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

HOT HOT HOT! Chapter 7 in Gatsby

Please respond to at least one of the questions below:

(1)In our discussion today Nathan connected the motif of heat in chapter 7 to the Valley of Ashes. What do you see as the symbolic significance of heat and/or ashes in this novel?

(2) I posed this question in class, but we got on a good tangent and didn't come back to it: Why do you think Fitzgerald chooses to place a looming set of faceless eyes over the Valley of Ashes (see beginning of chapter 2 and middle of chapter 7)?

(3) Does chapter 7 change your opinion of any of the characters? How so?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Uncle Walt

Although Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman are often paired together as "New" American poets--they were writing roughly around the same time, and they both broke away from the traditional meter embraced by the Romantics--they varied dramatically from each other in terms of personal and poetic style.

Think back to Emily Dickinson's photograph and her poetry for a moment. Then, click on the following link to browse pictures of Walt Whitman and to read his commentary on his own pictures: http://www.english.uiuc.edu/maps/poets/s_z/whitman/photos.htm

What can you infer about Walt Whitman from these pictures and captions? What questions do you have about him? How does he differ from Ms. Dickinson?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Speaking of Metaphors...

The Emily Dickinson poem below is my mother's personal mantra and my favorite Dickinson poem as well. Have a look and read the question that follows:

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune--without the words,
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard;

And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.

I've heard it in the chillest land,

And on the strangest sea;
Yet, never, in extremity,
It asked a crumb of me.

Please pick one of the metaphors in this poem (essentially, you can pick any line here) and explain your interpretation of it. Please also explain to what extent you agree/disagree with Dickinson's interpretation of hope. Feel free to incorporate any personal stories to back up your thoughts.